At Fault


The land of the Zoe Baja will not support plant life for much longer. The life centers and metropolises of the Global Union , south of the ice melt, are experiencing rolling brownouts that even the lunar and Martian mining operations haven't helped. The Cityship Tatsu is running out of room. And organized crime is alive and active on the high seas. 

In the year 3800, though, the biggest problems are still found in the faults of our own hearts and minds. Can Miriam Heirlinda bring the resources of Earth together in time to save humanity from the next century of quakes?

At Fault, the first book in the Fault Lines Series, is a breakout science fiction novel of the future. It's not dystopian; it's not utopian; it is only human. 

Coming March 2022

Learn about the feature science fiction series releasing in March of 2022.

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