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What to Expect

Whether picking up a Jeri Shepherd title (For The Story), a Reji Laberje title (For General Audiences), a Maggie McMahon title (For The Heart), or working with this career author and creative through her writing and publishing services or opportunities, there are some things that will be universally true here.

Work will be character-rich with relatability to a diverse human audience, whether in global or experiential representation.

Every story has purpose; the ones you create with teachings from here, the ones you tell as fans, and the ones you read from Jeri, Reji, or Maggie.

In our books' worlds of both fantastical fiction and impactful nonfiction, the purpose of what is created here is to connect and add insight; never to merely bring more noise.

As a fan, a reader, or a writer, YOU ARE VALUED HERE.

Be Gloriously Human!
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