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Be Gloriously Human!

Not just a motto to this Game Writer and #1 Bestselling Author of over 100 Books. Red - who writes as Jeri Shepherd, Reji Laberje, and Maggie McMahon has a life purpose of CONNECTION and she does this in her business of writing and publishing by bringing you engaging stories, touring with original and unique programs and workshops, and helping you develop your books, brand, and business through publishing services, a weekly one-of-a-kind business coaching program for working writers, an annual intensive, games that turn stories into worlds in which you can play, and leading author communities around the nation. Creativity leads to connection. And connection is the best part of humanity. Let's do it together gloriously!

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Check out Red's extensive library of titles: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Genre Fiction Anthologies, Writer's Resources, and Children's Books. You can also find her backlist of Celebrity Biographies, Sportswriting, Business, Leadership, Memoirs, Plays, Christian Collections, and more; as well as the client works she's proud to represent across a variety of topics and genres.

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Because it IS possible to make a living from your words! While it's easy to be a writer (for those of you who simply MUST write, as Red must), it's a lot harder to earn a living wage at it. In addition to accessible classes, Red has three levels of Working Writer coaching are available to help you. Pick your path to identify, engage in, and MASTER your unique working writer model alongside Red and a team of professional working writers.

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Red is thrilled to have live events as part of her working writer model. She sells her books and games at game and pop culture and game conventions around the country, and leads or is a featured guest in the  writing programming for those conventions. Also, with fellow  author and gamer TR Nickel, she partners with Game Stores and conventions as the Girl Power GMs and they pop up at signings near all of those stops!

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1-Page RPGs, Simple Adventures, 1 Page Mechanics, and. . . DUNGEON RACE RPG!  Plus, enjoy Red's Workshop on how to create your own 1-Page RPG (and how to use that as a basic outline for your novel, too! Red is honored to work with some of the top gaming creatives in the industry today in addition to her own offerings . . . check it all out here!

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Have the book, the idea, the program, the game . . . but don't know what to do with it? Editing, layout, cover sourcing, printing, distribution, maximizing your intellectual property across formats and platforms. As Lucy's Lantern Literature, we do that . . . and more. We also host anthologies for your organization and accept submissions for collections and full books. We would be honored to serve as your publisher.

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