About the book . . . 

  “Do you think it’s true what they say? That we’re at the start of another melting? Another century of quakes?”

  “I do. But we don’t have a century this time.”

  In a breakout science fiction series, the fault lines are forming, not just in the earth, but between the people who live there. It’s a new existence for Linda, the woman the world discarded, and for Miriam, the one they chose to lead them.

  Zoe Baja is drowning – dying – a ghostland sinking away under the ocean while the Zoeans cling to a resolve to Be Gloriously Human.

  The Cityship Tatsu, under Mik’s command, is running out of room and reserves. Can his people Stand in the Storm?

  The violence of the fleet families grows as they struggle for power.

  The Global Union of the 2900s is losing people and losing control.

  For energy; food; plants; and life itself, time is running out.

  At Fault, a futuristic speculative fiction novel is the first of five books in The Fault Lines series. It  is not dystopian; it is not utopian; it is only human.

(Bestselling author Jeri Shepherd) is, in the words of Columbia College Associate Professor Howard Schlossberg, “a bright light and fair, even-handed talent.”

“There is a lot of life in what Jeri has put together here. She has accomplished a unique world and human characters that feel real. You will truly enjoy what she has built.”

~Douglas Beamer, Science Fiction Influencer, Creator of 7 Minutes or Less YouTube Series

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