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  • In Linda’s Earth-After-the-Melt world in the mid-2500s, discover how a group of independent thinking women, men, and children from all around the world make a life where the global government thought none could exist.

  • In Miriam’s world, four-hundred years later, can she create unity between foes abroad and in her own backyard in order to save her people from starving and her land from sinking?

  • Spend time with the Mageo brothers and a crew of sea scrubbers using the black market to serve as white knights.

  • Meet Mik Ridgelin, Captain of the Cityship Tatsu, and travel across the seas with him as he holds his citizens together even through battles against the vile Wang Family Fleet that rules the Pacific waters.

  • This futuristic, earth-centric science fiction will explore a world that is crumbling under the weight of natural disasters, resource shortages, and biological crises. In the midst of the chaos, though, are the geopolitical divisions and infighting of fellow humans. These are the obstacles that could ultimately mean their downfall.

  • Follow a globally diverse cast of characters in two separate timelines as the Zoeans, the Cityship Citizens, the Global Union, the Fleet Families, and—eventually—the Indigenous Nations and Off-world Colonists learn to stand in the storm and be gloriously human.

  • Join the adventure in this new speculative fiction saga, the Fault Lines Series, by picking up the first of the five main books: At Fault.