This old author under a new name has worked all sides of writing and publishing.


Jeri Shepherd was "born" for the new world of science fiction, but she's actually been successfully writing and publishing under the name Reji Laberje for more than 20 years.

Hear about this transformation in her first blog as Jeri Shepherd!

Jeri Shepherd is a new name, but not new to writing! This old author under a new name has worked all sides of writing and publishing: write, edit, layout, publish, market, sell, and coach. Under the name "Reji Laberje," she has 12 #1 Bestsellers in 60+ publications; she edited 16 #1 Bestsellers, putting her pen to 28 total #1 Bestsellers.  She led 85+ projects in her career and her marketing led 80+ authors to #1 Bestseller statuses. She's coached authors and publishers to find successes of their own, as well, helping to build three publishing imprints with her knowledge of publishing and marketing. She continues to put out occasional books and resources under Reji Laberje, but Jeri Shepherd is a new name for a new era.

In 20+ years, she worked with Traditional & Indie Publishers: Triumph Books, Truths Publishing, Ascend Books, Nico 11 Publishing & Design, FEW International Publications, Bucket List to Bookshelf, & more. Her books raised funds for organizations including: The V Foundation for Cancer Research, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and several Children's Museums.

As Laberje, she repeatedly worked with ESPN’s Dick Vitale and Extreme Weight Loss’s Bob Brenner, in addition to reality TV alums Mike Epstein & Bruce Pitcher, Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale, inventor of Green Bay Packers' Lambeau Leap LeRoy Butler, Australian-American businessman Iain Macfarlane, radio personality Steve Palec, Hall-of-Famer Fergie Jenkins (for whom she edited, designed, & marketed), Olympians, athletes, musicians, celebrities, and leaders of industries & ministries. She edited hall-of-fame sportswriters and Pulitzer Prize-winners and partnered with professionals and illustrators including: John Konecny, Donald Jay Ely, Liza Fenech, Spenser Bower, Philip D'Amore, and Rob Peters. During her career, she was the unknown name behind household names!

Other honors include critiques from Baltimore Playwright's Festival ("The Station" and "Retribution" - 1997), being a semi-finalist in Forward Theater's Two Steps Forward Monologue Festival ("The Unexpected Airman" - 2019), and nominations for the Newbery Medal ("Cooper Ridge, The Wonder Kid" - 2014), and the Caldecott Award ("How Daisy Grew," "Little Bean," and "Make Room for Jake McNair" - 2016). Her  works achieves relational writing journeys honoring the voices of her co-contributors in respectable partnerships, resulting in a show of human experiences and love through the power of story.

An Air Force veteran with an Intl. Communications degree (Arabic & Spanish), she & her husband (since 1996) share children, grandchildren, & pets in their Wisconsin lives. They enjoy the outdoors, service, the arts, travel, and time with loved ones.