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Here with a "CLUMSY THE CAT" adventure? I would love to hear from you! Until that site is up and running, please feel free to email me directly at with pictures or stories from YOUR Clumsy Adventures!

Current email subscribers will all be entered into a contest to win a FREE "Earth-After-The-Melt" game when it arrives later this year.

Jeri Shepherd/Reji Laberje/Maggie McMahon is available for book signings, conventions, author/artist-in-residence visits, writer's conferences, & more.


Open to serious conversations with independent and traditional publishers, as well as collaborators such as artists or designers.

Let us know in your message what service, title, visit, or other information you are interested in. Or just pop in to say, "Hello!" We like that, too!

For film and television rights inquiries, email:


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