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Origin Story

The first time this publisher remembers the lantern coming out was when her sixth grade teacher Lee Braunel told the class the story of pre-human bones found and documented in a National Geographic magazine. The teacher placed the small lantern in the middle of the room, cleared all of the desks out of the way, and had the students sit in a circle around the light, much as though it were a campfire. He passionately shared the cool Indiana Jones-like archaeology that led to the discovery of a skeleton the scientific community had named Lucy. In the classroom, the lantern became known as Lucy's Lantern. 

From that point on, whenever Lucy's Lantern came out, Mr. Braunel's students knew they were in for an adventure. The lights would be turned down, speakers in the room turned off, and - for at least a little while - they would all get lost in the telling of a great story.

Sitting around that lantern, they heard the tales of the Iliad, the Odyssey, White Fang,  The Christmas Tree Ship, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Don Quixote, and so many more. 

Lucy's Lantern Literature today is meant to honor that tradition.

When you see the lantern, you can know you are in for more than a story, you're in for an adventure.

Lucy's Lantern is proud to bring you "At Fault," the inaugural story in the Fault Lines Series speculative fiction adventure!