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Aqli Muqli - At Fault Releasing THIS WEEK!

"My brain is fried!"

That's how "Aqli Muqli" translates from Arabic (one of the languages used in creating the vocabulary for this new action-packed science fiction saga), and it's how I feel as I am now just a few days out from the release of At Fault . . . but you can order it NOW!

So, here is the full breakdown - the teasers to get you ready!

It has been an incredible journey to this release, but my hope is that it was worth it as this speculative fiction story lands in your hands. Not only can you be at the beginning of this great saga by being a part of the 4.14.22 campaign, but you'll be helping a great cause ( when you join the movement!

  1. TELL Somebody

  2. Post About it (Use ANY of the links in this very blog!)

  3. Visit the book on Amazon (

  4. BY (and beyond) the 14th - BUY the book for $22

  1. Water is the most abundant and basic need of human existence!

  2. Access to clean, safe water should not be denied based on poor governmental infrastructures.

  3. Purchases of At Fault benefit

About six months into the development of the first in The Fault Lines series, a good friend (who later became a beta reader for my book) commented on the movie in the mind that is created when reading quality fiction - specifically in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, and action where this book lies. Because this book began in an emotional place; one wherein--during the pandemic and rioting and politics of the world--I was drained from the division between people. This included those in differing communities of my life who I knew to be good and beautiful even while they sat throwing mud at one another from behind their computer screens while locked down at home. I felt alone in the center lane! I wanted to create something that highlighted the unifying elements of humanity. The actual story, with my friend's reminder of what fiction can do in our imaginations, had to fall into place after that. I truly didn't know WHAT I wanted to write, but once I decided HOW I wanted to write, everything I researched, or wrote, or was inspired by, peeled back another layer until, not just At Fault, but the entire 5-book series was outlined . . . and it was indeed a movie (actually a series) in my mind.

My hope is that I've succeeded in hitting the play button for many of you by including, not just that emotional starting place, but also:

  • Cool pseudo-science and tech

  • Relatable characters with diverse traits - many based on actual individuals

  • Unique world building

  • Real life-inspired elements

  • Quality linguistic fun

  • Some great design work

  • A touch of sex appeal

  • Inspiring fandom facets

and - if I've managed to do it right -

  • A good share of passion for love and life

Here's a peek at some of those things that have been revealed throughout the creative process and I hope you'll enjoy the full work by pre-ordering today and joining that 4.14.22 campaign!

Psuedo Science & Tech (Click to hear about the Cityship Tatsu!)

Characters - Click for Insights!

Unique World Building!

Real Life Inspired Elements!

Good Words - Good Art! Quality linguistic fun and great design work!

A touch of sex appeal . . . but done RIGHT! Sure, I have your sexy "sci-fi tank top chick," but she's not just hot; she's as badass as they come! And the strong leader of the Zoelands? She can bring the sea-hardened Scottish captain to his knees!

Inspiring Fandom Facets

This story is told in multiple timelines and from multiple perspectives. From the theme of embracing humanity to the reality of having to stand up in life's toughest storms, there's something for everybody. You may relate more to the Zoe People, the Tatsians of the cityship, the Global Union Citizens, or the Off-world Colonists and Indigenous persons you're only just beginning to hear about. The world of The Fault Lines will inspire you to find your people . . . and then unify those people to others!

A Touch Of Passion For Life & Love - Click For Some Readings!

Even more readings and details on this breakthrough sci-fi saga, as well as related merch, can be found when you follow all of our feeds found on LinkTree!

Once you get your copy of the book, and if you are in the Southeast Wisconsin area, we'd love to have you at this week's release event!

Until then - Be Gloriously Human!


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