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Updated: May 4

While this page continues to grow and come together, I'm working to make great writing tips, tricks, tools, teachings, and talks available for free. More than that, I want to hear what makes ALL OF YOU tick as writers. I want this page and its related social media feeds to be a place where writers can share openly, learn from one another, and grow to create better and more relatable and enjoyable stories.

So, how can you participate, connect, and grow as writers?

The Writer's Press Podcast!

  • This week, I launched my new podcast, "The Writer's Press." A few kinks need to be worked out on the tech side, but the teaching remains valid. Follow, share, listen, and learn from these 5 to 15 minute bi-weekly episodes on all major podcast platforms, as well as in video format on YouTube. Join me for a listen as you make your own morning coffee!

  • And, by the way, do YOU have a writing or creative podcast? I'm happy to help you promote it and we may even be able to feature one another!

Facebook's Question of the Week!

  • We had our first Question of the Week this past week and we are looking for you to participate! Answer, ask, and share with other writers. Follow the Jeri Shepherd Books Facebook Page to join future questions!

  • Also on Facebook, I'll be hosting occasional LIVE "Martini Moments" when we get blunt about the realities of the writing and publishing business. Bring your questions and join me for a Friday night happy hour!

Paragraph Perfections Video Series!

  • Watch for the first episode of "Paragraph Perfections," a bi-weekly series coming to Vimeo in which we walk through some awesome writing and talk about what maeks it great (or, in some cases, could make it even better)! Have a paragraph of your own that you'd like to submit? Email with the subject line: Paragraph Perfections.

Instagram Picture Prompts!

  • The first of my weekly Instagram series, #pictureprompts just went up today! Let me hear YOUR one-line stories and TFIs (thoughts, feelings, and imaginings) based on each daily picture.

Blog & Newsletter!

  • Yep - right here. I believe that there's nothing I've learned over the course of my nearly quarter of a century in the writing and publishing business to which you don't also have a right. I will share freely and openly anything that has helped me and that may also help you.

  • In addition to following the BLOG be sure to subscribe by entering your email at the top of my home page to sign up for my newsletter that kicks off in May. The newsletter will bring you a recap of the available growth tools and communities for you as a writer.

Follower Features!

  • On my Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Stories (Instagram & Facebook), I want to do my best to feature YOU, YOUR WORKS, YOUR INSPIRATIONS, YOUR QUESTIONS. Follow, share, participate. That's my ask. If you have Teachings you'd like me to tag on twitter, as I did today, inspirations you want me to pin on Pinterest, articles you'd like me to share on LinkedIn, or 1 minute video Q&A we could do together for Stories, let me know at Let's promote one another and grow as a community of writers!

Are you seeing the theme? I want us ALL to grow together as creatives, inspire one another, and be open, honest, and welcoming, rather than being envious, comparative, and serving as one another's critics and gatekeepers. A RISING TIDE RAISES ALL SHIPS and there's room for all of us in this industry; room to celebrate one another, help one another, and become better writers and creatives together. That will happen if you hop in and join the conversation, join the sharing. Right now, we're at the beginning; we're small. But, let's change that starting now. The more people we get in here to participate, the more we'll all learn.

As I roll out each new feature, May of 2021 should kick off the full list of great writing community shares!

Let's Raise The Tide!

Share far.
Share wide.
Share openly.
Then we can all start sharing and GROWING as a community!

From your personal SuperFan,


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