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Because it IS Possible To Make A Living With Your Words.

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Enjoy This Free Lesson Providing An Overview Of The Working
Writer's Mastermind Model & Meet The Coaches Who Teach It

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Meet the creatives behind the Working Writer's Mastermind.

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Veteran | #1 Bestselling Author | Game Writer

Jeri 'Red' Shepherd

30-year writing and publishing industry professional with 100+ traditionally- and independently-published books, poetry collections, and plays across genres and mediums, Red is both a #1 Bestseller and an award-winning author. Her purpose in writing is to connect others through the unimatable power of story.


"Be gloriously human."

Learn More About Red.

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Award-Winning Author Comic-Fan | Grown Geek

Anthony 'A.G.' Wedgeworth

A.G. Wedgeworth is passionate about providing fast-paced, character-driven, family-friendly stories. He started writing these stories to share his love for fun fantasy adventures with the world. His goal is to provide high-quality stories that allow the readers to get lost in another world filled with mystery.

"Utilize processes that work while continually improving them."

Learn More About Tony.

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Author Of Books Nerds Like Coach Game Maker

Christopher D. Schmitz

A fandom-builder who writes "books nerds like," Christopher has put his Master's Degree to work mentoring authors who have secured Big 5 publishing deals while also working successfully in the indie publishing world. He owns a traveling bookstore and his own publishing label. 

"If you don't go out and shake your own trees, you can't expect anyone else to."


Learn More About Chris.

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Novelist Game Writer Marketing Expert

Tiffany 'Rose' Nickel

Literary fantasy author TRN (pronounced "turn") dove right into the working writer model with no regrets. She writes, serves as an author publicist, works the game development and game master circuit, and helps authors launch their books.

"Be creative enough to come up with an idea, dedicated enough to put it into motion and educated enough to know what you're doing is right."


Learn More About TRN.


What Are The 10 STEPS Of The Working Writer's Model?

In the words of our coach, Chris, "Being a writer is easy, being an author is hard."

Good thing our team has been through it and they understand the difference between writing a great story and running a great business. They're here to help you do both with Red's proprietary 10-Step Working Writer Model that will keep you passionate about what you're doing and viable to keep doing it for as long as you have a story in your heart! 

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Right Your Mindset

Get out of your own way: prepare yourself for creativity, patience in the process, and expectations of success 

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Develop Your Craft

This is why you became a creative. To make a difference with words! Keep creating for the page and beyond.

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Build Your Community

We are independent in this business . . . but not alone. Connect to grow in meaningful ways with the right communities.

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Business Models: WORK

Define your working model based on skills and joys, and then systemize it for your best chance at success!

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Business Models: TIME

Learn how to plan and work within your work day and how to avoid workaholism for an impactful career.

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Business Models: BUDGET

Learn to take home the check you deserve. and run a quality business affordably.


And Tools Of The Trade

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It takes more than great words to go to market. From design to delivery, learn the tools.

Production & Distribution

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Maximize your IP by setting up your books on the most effective and profitable channels.

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Marketing &


Build your brand, connect with your fans, and release your products effectively 

Sales &


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From live events, to online sales, to direct to consumer websites, earn profits from your books.

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