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FREE - Writer's Prompts & Tips


Enjoy free writers' prompts series and video lessons on the author's YouTube Channel.

Also follow Red's social media for a plethora of free tips, lessons, and more:

FREE - Ask Anything Calls


  • Want to work through an edit?

  • Need a planning consultation?

  • Have a business question?

  • Care for a craft lesson to tackle a growth area in your own writing?


Seriously . . . ask anything related to the writing and publishing industry.


Red holds one to four of these calls a month (based on her tour schedule and availability) and you are getting her time and 27 years of experience absolutely FREE.


Your call will be recorded on Zoom so you not only get the content that YOU most want, but you will be sent the video to review at any time, share with your own readers, or use on your social media.


There is no catch. With limited slots, you merely have to submit your name and idea for a conversation and Red will get back to you to let you know if you have been selected as one of her free calls. 

NO purchase necessary before or after your "Ask Anything" session!

Get Paid For Your Writing!

FREE Fan Fiction contests coming soon. Stay tuned to learn how you can build a Canon, get published with YOUR name as a byline on the book and on the copyright page, and get PAID for YOUR writing!

99 ¢ Craft & Business Lessons

Stay tuned! Downloadable lessons coming soon for just 99 cents apiece! Each lesson includes a video teaching, a printable example, a printable lesson, and printable blanks for you to apply the lesson on your own. Become an expert in your industry just 99 cents at a time!

Writer's Retreats

Every May and November, enjoy Red's Book-in-a-Month program in a COMPLETELY FREE online Writer's Retreat. Looking forward to bringing this event - enhanced with additional lessons and one-on-one instruction - in a live format soon!

Resources and Gifts

Check out Red's Book List to find the tool that's "just write" for your writing need!

Comprehensive dictionaries and thesauri for situation-specific, story-building vocabulary; Process guides; Writer's block breakers; Craft lessons; Business tips; Journals; More!

Visits & Signings 

  • Bookstores

  • Libraries

  • Schools

  • Book Clubs

  • Writing Groups

  • Classes

  • Conventions

  • Universities

A former teacher and University professor, Red is available for custom programming for your unique organization to cover any number of topics related to the writing and publishing industries. 

She has programming from Kindergarten through 12th grade in addition to experience teaching comprehensive writing, co-writing, marketing, presenting, and numerous industry skills through and courses at the University level.

With bookstores and libraries, she has worked to present readings and signings of her adult fiction, workshops and signings of her writer's resources, and readings and activities of her youth fiction.

From longer artist-in-residence offerings to virtual pop-ins with your group. From full-day programs to single hour visits. Red will work to customize a program to fit your budget and time. 


Coaching & Mentoring

Individual or Group

Programmed or Customized

Tap into Red's 27 YEARS of Traditional & Indie Industry Experience

  • 1 Year of Coaching, Billed Monthly, with Optional Exit after First and Second Quarters of Mentorship

  • Group Discount Available; Have a Writer’s Group of 4 or more writers? Go on the journey together!


Coaching Includes (AT LEAST):

  • Minimum of 48 Hours of Intensive, Personalized, Writing & Publishing Craft & Business Instruction Through Year

  • Minimum of 24 Additional Hours of Video Training

  • Writer’s resources provided throughout mentorship

  • Published Short Story Fiction

  • Optional Publication of 2nd Book Completed During Year

  • Adjustments made throughout year to customize to YOUR project & learning style.

  1. Walk from Bucket List to Bookshelf & Beyond

  2. Start with Craft

  3. Work on Manuscript Finalizing

  4. Learn the Biz

  5. Market

  6. Launch

  7. Sell to YOUR Market


Red offers just one type of editing: comprehensive. Each edit she does includes developmental, copy, and line-by-line work. Your work will be read no less than six times, each read-through digging deeper into the work. Details of process provided at initial consultation.


  • Short Pieces up to 1000 Words - $300*

  • 30,000 to 79,999 Words - $2800

  • 80,000 to 120,000 Words - $5000

  • Over 120,000 Words** – 6 ¢ per word


*Over 1000 Words, but under 30,000 Charged at 6 ¢ per word

**Currently not taking works longer than 150,000 Words


Red has done book layout for a decade for independent authors, traditional publishers, independent and hybrid publishers, and most of her own books. Her approach is unique, combining tools from the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite, Atticus, and Cloud-Based design platforms. With her own artists on retainer, she even includes some personalized illustrations and symbols as fits the content. She considers your content for opportunities to allow the text itself to stand out appropriately. She can work with multiple trim sizes. Every single book layout is custom; allowing you to select how your chapter starts, dinkus symbol (subchapter separator), and primary content appears. Many font selections are available and an in-depth consultation by Zoom will allow you to choose and customize the look you desire for your content. Initial consultation for appearance – Sample overview of elements – Review of Manuscript for changes – Final layout all included.


  • Short Pieces up to 1000 Words - $750

  • 30,000 to 79,999 Words - $1500

  • 80,000 to 120,000 Words - $2250

  • 120,000 to 180,000 Words – $3000

  • Add $250 for full-bleed layouts

  • Add $250 for included photo or graphic sections/inserts

  • $750 Add-On for E-Books

  • Bonus Inclusion of Printing Recommendations and Sources

  • Custom quote only for layout of books over 180,000 words, picture books, and graphic/photo-heavy gift books/coffee table books

Publishing & Distribution Setup


Red is familiar with the pesky specs required of Ingram (which allows your book to be distributed to retailers and other wholesale purchasers), as well as KDP, which is the most accessible platform to make your book available in print and e-book formats for readers. Get your book setup online for a small additional fee added onto any existing author service listed.


  • $500 for books of any length, Plus cost of ISBN and Barcode Setup ($125)

Book Launch & Marketing

  • More than 200 social-media ready graphics customized to your title (in addition to editable versions of most provided for future use)

  • Video Slideshow and/or Trailer

  • Press Release

  • Sell Sheet

  • Target Market Workup

  • Customized Social Media Launch Calendar

  • Customized Traditional PR LaunchCalendar

  • Bookstore Sales Plan

  • Resources for Further Marketing/Publicity

  • Video Training on Book Launches

  • Evergreen Social Media and Communication Calendar

Join the 200+ authors who have been sent to #1 on Amazon using this proprietary "Buy-A-Thon" marketing process!


Extremely limited – only one client per year for a full-service personalized partnership package

  • 1-Year exclusive partnership

  • Includes every step of the process from writing your book to prepping it for publication to marketing, to launch, to post-publication resources

  • Contact Red for package details, pricing, and consultation


What Clients Say

Kimberly Krueger, Founder of FEW International Publications

Kim krueger Few.png
"Personalized. Creative. Strategic. Attention to every detail. Reji did beautiful editing, coaching, layout, and design work for 5 FEW Titles. She never ceased to amaze me with her ability to envision an elegant theme for each book that tied all of our stories and devotions together while simultaneously reinforcing the FEW Brand. She really understands branding! Her expertise in marketing books to #1 also proved to be top notch as her coaching and proprietary strategy helped us secure #1 Bestsellers, #2 Bestsellers, and titles in the top 10 on Amazon. She is excellent at what she does and her knowledge of both publishing and the industry provided much wisdom throughout our entire process. Reji is huge-hearted in business and in life, so it is no surprise that In the two years she partnered with FEW, our incredible books and authors went to new heights!"
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