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Jeri Shepherd


#1 Bestselling Author

     While Jeri Shepherd is new to the world of fiction, the author behind the Fault Lines Series has been in the writing industry for decades in playwriting, children's books, sportswriting, biography, leadership, ministry, and more. She wrote under the name Reji Laberje as a solo author and as a co-author alongside celebrities, athletes, and leaders of industry. As Reji Laberje, Jeri has 12 #1 bestsellers in her 60+ books and plays, as well as another 17 #1 bestsellers amongst those books for which she was a contributing editor; ultimately, her pen was on 29 #1 bestsellers and she has been nominated for prestigious awards in playwriting and fiction. Jeri has combined print book sales of half a million copies across all of her works, in addition to sales in both audio and e-books. She's led more than 85 book projects in multiple roles including: author, co-writer, editor, designer, publisher, consultant, coach, and marketer; in that last role, she's led 80 different authors to #1 bestselling titles on lists with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, USA Today, and others. In addition, she consulted with and wrote for independent and traditional authors and publishers who then created entire new lines and book businesses as a result. Hundreds of stories have been told, published, and sold through her professional gifts and services.

     Jeri Shepherd can’t remember a time when writing was not in her life, but she does remember when the writing became more of a job than an art form. She’s excited to be back in the genre that will help readers create movies in their minds. She desires to share the art of making relatable characters, in diverse worlds, on dynamic journeys, that will excite and connect people.

     The author is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, where she served as an Arabic Linguist and earned her degree in international communications. She has lived all around the U.S. and visited all around the world, but she currently calls Waukesha, Wisconsin (just outside of Milwaukee) home. There, she enjoys her children, grandchildren, pets, and countless water bodies on and in which you will find her whenever she is able to be there. She spends time in the outdoors, service, the arts, in her fitness routine, partaking in music making and listening, travel, camping, sports (especially football - Go Bears!), games, movies, various side jobs, everything nerdy, and enduring family and friend time and relationships.

Abundance & Humility

Jeri recognizes that the best path to a successful publication is one that involved many  experts working in their strengths. A talented TEAM is more likely to create a perfected project than a prideful individual who can't take advice toward that book's improvement. Jeri was honored to surround herself on this project with an incredible group of professionals who all strived together to achieve the best possible book for the launch of the Fault Lines Series.

As the book and series moves from pages to game boards and eventually to screens, the author looks forward to continuing in the collaborative model that results in great art.

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Stacy Marie


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Sara Risley

Cover Art


Amy Oaks



Mike Nicloy

Cover Design & Fonts


Cas Mayhall

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