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Behind At Fault


Jeri Shepherd
REji Laberje
Maggie McMahoN

Just Call her "RED"

Known to friends and colleagues as "Red," the author of 107 genre fiction and general audience works (and growing), has written for nearly three decades in playwriting, children's books, sportswriting, biography, leadership, ministry, writing resources, fiction, games, planners, and so much more. She is genre-fluid, unable to keep her keys off anything that draws her interest. She also owns Lucy’s Lantern Literature, the exclusive publishing partner of “For The Love Of” books and other works by Kim Rogne and Associates (

Red is a member of the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (IASFA), Women's Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), 20Booksto50K, National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE), and past member of Writer’s Guild of America - East.

The author has been many-times award-nominated, including books for the prestigious Newberry Medal and Caldecott Award, and she is, at the time of this website update (July 2023), a 14-Time #1 Internationally Bestselling Author, through traditional and independent publishers, across many genres, with Combined Sales of Over 700,000 Books and Plays since 1997.

CLICK FOR A LIST OF RED'S TITLES (Last Updated 7/1/2023)


She also contributed via editing, layout, publishing, marketing, and project management on dozens more #1 Bestsellers and award-winning books and her efforts have sent hundreds of authors to #1.

Before young adult and adult genre fiction books written under the name JERI SHEPHERD, she wrote (and continues to write) as REJI LABERJE as a solo author of children’s books and writer’s resources. Her general audience work also included nonfiction, ministry, and sportswriting, as well as work as a publisher-hired co-author alongside celebrities, athletes, and leaders of ministry, business, and industry. You can also soon look for romance under the name MAGGIE MCMAHON, a nod to the author’s Irish roots.


As her friend, one-time co-author (Getting A W In The Game Of Life, Ascend Books by Dick Vitale and Reji Laberje), and five-time editing & publishing colleague (Ascend Books, Nico 11 Publishing & Design) ESPN’s own Dick “Dickie V” Vitale says of her:


“She is a dedicated, talented, and organized writer you would be proud to be associated with. I highly recommend her in every way. She is multi-talented, and her work is very creative.”

Columbia College Adjunct Professor of Journalism and co-editor (of The 1969 Cubs by Fergie Jenkins and George Castle; Signature Strength Publishing) Howard Schlossberg adds:


"Whether you work with or for (her), she is a bright light and fair, even-handed talent who shows respect for you and your work and treats you with professionalism and dignity. But don't get her wrong - she's a perfectionist who will make sure your and her work comes out right."


Red is a U.S. Air Force/NSA Arabic Linguist veteran, as well as wife, mother, and “Gigi” with interests from nerdy to outdoorsy to artsy to sporty to worldly to trendy. You can spot her on tour around the country at game, multi-fandom, and literary conventions. She is always easy to spot as the redhead in green (usually wearing fun shoes). 


Work With Red!

Red has presented hundreds of programs to a combined tens of thousands of students and professionals throughout her nearly 30-year career.


  • Are you a comic-con, conference, gaming convention, or other live event seeking a writing track? Feature Red and get a custom set of panels, programs, workshops, and discussions for YOUR specific audience. Writing for gamers and gamemasters; genre fiction; anthologies and short stories; small moment (short-story) memoir collections; and more - EMAIL TO PLAN

  • Red is available for professional writing and publishing services including: editing, layout, anthology management, book launches, publishing set-up, and more.

  • Are you an aspiring author or creative who needs to polish or publish words? Consider a more comprehensive offering through Red's coaching program: From Bucket List to Bookshelf and Beyond! Red will be your personal coach as you hone your craft, publish, and learn how to market and sell your work. If interested, email per below to schedule a Zoom session to determine if this path is right for you!

  • On an extremely limited availability of just 2 clients per year, you can become Red's exclusive co-writing client for whom she will offer the same complete book package taken advantage of by prestigious clientele and publishers throughout her nearly 30-year career.

  • Red also has keynote addresses, presentations, and writer’s conference offerings. Email for availability and to customize and schedule the packages or services that are right for your group.

  • With a professional biography that also includes education from pre-K to grade 12 as well as at the university level, Red also customizes school programming for individual schools, full districts, and continuing education programs online, near her book tour stops, and at schools, school districts, and colleges around the U.S. These are not just book readings or sales presentations. Your students and organizations will discover real applicable VALUE with a Red Writes Books program.


If interested in applying to work with Red or to have her visit your school, college, university, business, conference, event, or organization, email at the below listed email address.


For publishing, film, and television inquiries email:

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