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Jeri Shepherd
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Reji Laberje
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Book List

Most Books Available in at Least Print, & Kindle Unlimited or E-Book

Some Have Additional Formats Including Audio

YA & Adult Genre Fiction

Cooper Ridge, The Wonder Kid

YA Fantasy - A teenage quadriplegic boy dreams of being a ball player; but could his dreams be coming true?

2nd Edition re-release of formerly Newberry-nominated book with new characters and content.

At Fault - Book 1 of The Fault Lines Series

Adult Speculative/ Science Fiction - In this action-packed story, a globally-diverse ensemble of characters navigates the world of Earth-After-The-Melt in the 2500s and 2900s.

Faulted Reasoning - Book 2 of The Fault Lines Series

Adult Speculative/ Science Fiction - The action continues for Miriam. She works to connect the Human Unification Movement and the Off-World Colonists whose world (which began in 2169) we learn about alongside the continuation of the 2900s timeline.

Pinecone Legend - My first episodic romance released a chapter a week. Read the first 3 chapters FREE on Kindle Vella! A chance meeting with a mysterious stranger at the town's just-as-mysterious pine tree sets the next five years of Alexandra's life in motion. The gunshot intended to claim her life does its best to stop that motion. But the only pair of pinecones produced by the great evergreen continues to pull the recipients back to the great tree each winter. Will they ever meet?

Writer's Resources

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Lists of unique words, how to use them to better your writing, practice exercises, & more.

Lists of emotions, how they bring light, darkness, or ambiguity to your writing, with exercises, & more!

Lists of activities your characters can do to define & make them relatable, plus practice exercises!

A six-month organizer for student OR working artists trying to fit their craft in a busy life!

The 3-book omnibus of bestselling writer's resources: 1000+ Still Useful Words, 700+ Verbal Emojis, and 500+ Happenings. Enjoy the full collection at a great discount!

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Leadhead Devos 3D.png
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Leadhead Omnibus 3D.png

"Leadhead Writes For The Stage"


Writing for the stage - a simple 10-step process. How to write with a visual audience in mind.  Lessons applicable in other writing areas, as well. 

"Leadhead Teaches Devotion Writing"

How to create an interactive biblical devotional and journal - a simple 10-step process. Lessons applicable in other writing areas, as well. 

"Leadhead on Picture Books"

A simple 10-step process on engaging young readers from page one and keeping them interested in each page turn AND future books. Lessons applicable in other writing areas, as well. 

"Leadhead 3-Books-In-1 Writing Process Omnibus"

Enjoy the full collection of 10-step processes for the stage, picture books, and devotionals. Each process includes writing lessons, tips, and tricks that could work in many genres and writing areas

Children's Books

Max Boston.png
Max Chi.png
Max NY.png
Max San Fran.png
Max Seattle.png

True to cityscape adventures with Labrador Retriever puppy, MAX. Join him in Boston in this board book!

True to cityscape adventures with Labrador Retriever puppy, MAX. Join him in Chicago in this board book!

True to cityscape adventures with Labrador Retriever puppy, MAX. Join him in New York in this board book!

True to cityscape adventures with Labrador Retriever puppy, MAX. Join him in San Francisco in this board book!

True to cityscape adventures with Labrador Retriever puppy, MAX. Join him in Seattle in this board book!

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Max takes one last vacation, this time to the beach! This board book is durable enough to pack for your little one's own sandy adventure!

A story told four ways; for girl, boy, niña, and niño. When the child must cross shark-infested waters at night, fear understandably runs high. First one shark, then two, then a family, then a school, then many schools of sharks impede the journey. Each time the danger nears, the child must come up with a new creative way to escape and continue. By morning, the child learns about the unseen helpers who were along the entire time. A heartwarming tale of family, community, and the journey from childhood to adulthood.

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Jake McNair.png
How Daisy Grew.png
The Tale Traveler.png

Beautifully illustrated Caldecott-Nominated book tells the birth story of a miracle baby through that baby's voice.

Enjoy a sweet, rhyming story of two parents awaiting the arrival of their newborn. Great baby shower gift!

A young girl goes through ten days of lesson learning while she awaits the arrival of a flower just like those in her mother's greenhouse.

"The Tale Traveler" Children's Fantasy chapter book coming in February 2023!

Sports Influence

Get A W.png
Big Uglies.png

Written with ESPN's Dick "Dickie V" Vitale, This book of life lessons and life planning walks young people through the T.ogetherness, E.nthusiasm, A.ttitude, M.ental Toughness model for success. Filled with a large diversity of stories and lives.

Written with fitness champion and former offensive lineman Bob Brenner, learn how to live a life that has all of the BIG-ness of a sports career, but less of the UGLY-ness that can accompany it. With sport and medical experts including the Invincible Vince Papale.


Breakthrough Effect.png
Comfort For Grieving.png

Retirement is just the beginning. Learn how to engage the older generations in all aspects of life. Taught from the perspective of the Christian faith, this book is good for believers and non-believers as it deals with topics of aging, purpose, and managing life's transitions.

Women share true life stories of the moment they began or saw anew their faith walk with Christ. An anthology of inspiration great for anyone looking to have a renewed spirit.

What if grief didn't end with acceptance, but it moved onto new hope? In this #1 Bestselling collection of devotions on all stages of grief, readers can journal their own progress alongside these Christian women authors.


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Content That Dances.png

How a blue-collar guy worked his way up through the ranks of a manufacturing company to build not just the company, but a culture of family and hard work.

If Australia had a Forrest Gump, it would be Iain Macfarlane. Learn from the lifelong business professional who was at countless historical commercial moments.

Alongside life and business coach, Darren Fisher, entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals learn how to use failure as nothing more than a stepping stone to success.

With a focus on the DISC survey, Dave Molenda delves into communication and care within a company to keep a team motivated and the company growing . . . on purpose!

Learn how to build an authentically engaged audience to market your small business, non-profit organization or product using a unique content-based process


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Live Extreme Life.png

34-Year Milwaukee-area DJ and commercial real estate agent worked through the era of the city's growth commercially and as a pillar of the American music festival scene. His stories will take you on the music and shenanigans-filled journey!

Extreme Weight Loss's all time biggest winner gives you a glimpse into the action-packed life that led to his weight gain to morbid obesity and then back to a healthy body, mindset, and life.

Miscellaneous & Short Reads

Lucky Bamboo.png

In this modernization of the fable of growing lucky bamboo, enjoy a story of persistence and endurance. One woman proves the naysayers wrong and is gifted with growth unimaginable. (A 4x6 Gift Book.)

For the Stage

The Station.png
Shaken Macbeth Cover.png

This ensemble theatre piece was written by the author in 1992. A high school-level ensemble piece with a message of freedom and independence while honoring our human commonality.  Just purchase the very inexpensive scripts!

While Red can only claim the layout of this play, she is proud to feature it here on behalf of her daughter, Kimberly Laberge, who adapted this version of Macbeth for 15 performers portraying 23 roles, originally cast as all women. Learn about Kimberly at 

Picking up a theatre piece from this website?


The price of your purchased script covers your performance royalties.




We're giving you the performance royalties for free. At least buy a script for each performer and your production staff & crew. The cost of the printed works is less than you'd pay for most performance royalties, so don't be a jerk (by breaking the law). Don't buy one script and copy it. That is illegal copyright infringement.

Besides, artists need to

support artists. 


Also, if you're putting on any of these works, let us know! We are honored and may even feature you here and when on tour. Or, if the location and timing work out, we could catch a show. 

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*Only showing currently in-print and widely distributed books for which the author was writer or co-writer, and that are still available with the author's current publishers. Interested in an expired title or a book on which Jeri or Reji was the editor or in another role? Email and, if still possible, we will work to get you a copy of the book - even signed!


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