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For The Love Of Journaling

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A line of journals from Kim Rogne  with Reji Laberje
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For The Love Of Self
Reshape Your Perception - Reach Your Potential

It's more than a journal. It's really a secular devotional, helping you release the negative, take in gratitude for the positive, center yourself on your primary focus,  and more. 

Enjoy 5-minute... YES! Just 5 Minutes ...Daily Journaling prompts that will help YOU to Reshape Your Perception in order to Reach Your Greatest Potential in your biggest, best life. 

  • Sunday Set-Up

  • Daily Flow State

  • Saturday Slow-Down

  • Kim's PRP Model

  • Inspirational Quotes


Available in a light or dark cover, enjoy a LIFE-CHANGING journal. Just $18.95!

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Knowing Worth
Personal Impact Stories from Professional Impact Makers

Enjoy  Kim's first book, a collection of short nonfiction stories from successful real estate professionals.


Learn what drives the twelve authors in this collection to be the best, not just in their businesses, but in their lives. Proceeds from this book benefit ALS research. Yours for $19.99!

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For The Love Of Inspiration
A Tiny Pocket Journal of Words & Moments That Motivate

Ever hear a speaker and he or she says something that will have a positive impact on your business or life? See a great sign? Read an amazing book? Finally understand a lyric in a song you've always loved?

"For The Love Of Inspiration" is a pocket-sized journal that you can carry with you anywhere. Don't lose those great words or moments that motivate you. Filled with inspirational quotes and blank lines, and available in both light and dark covers, Get it for $15.95!

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For The Love Of Others
A Mini-Book to Note When Somebody is on Your Mind

One thing that the pandemic did and from which we are still reeling as a society, is disconnect communities, families, and individuals. We all lived in our own versions of "bubbles." Even those who were not living in bubbles spent their time with just those people also not in bubbles.  Our worlds shrank and, with that, so too did our compassion for one another, our thoughtfulness, and our selflessness. Get back to remembering OTHERS by noting them when they come to mind and noting how the thought will be matched to action. Light or dark cover can be chosen for just $12.95!

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