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What A Story . . . Flipping The Calendar Page

2023 was an unexpected adventure in the world of this author. It started with a #1 and ended as my #1 professional year and I can't thank you all enough for making it possible. At the end of this sharing, check out some opportunities to take advantage of some of the freebies I'm offering all year; it's my way of bringing value & showing appreciation for all of you, as I live my childhood dream of being a full-time working writer.

23 Releases In 2023 -

20 New Books Across Many Genres, 3 New One-Page RPGs, Plus - for the first time - Picture Books in New Hardcover Formats with Plush Gifts. 2024 promises to expand my line of RPGs, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Writer's Resources, and Children's Books, plus I will be adding several anthologies of great genre fiction!

40 Tour Stops in 37 Cities -

And, in 2024, I look forward to adding the East Coast! Stay tuned.

New Friends And Partnerships -

Top to bottom, left to right: West and I meet at GameHole and prepare to work together at the Level Up Expo and beyond; I enjoyed several encounters with Legends of Avantris team members and I've nearly wrapped up a project I have with them; the author (and audiobook narrator) squad dining after a GenCon day left to right - EM Zolotor, Rachel Lifkin, Charise Crowe, me, our server who we said had to stay in the picture!, Ryan Reid, and Ben Wolf; I had no idea that fantasy author TR Nickel would become my new Head of Communications; an honor to meet and befriend Luke Gygax, son of D&D founder Gary Gygax, and take on new projects with him which you'll hear about soon; my gaming and writing collision continued with the new Dragon Days team; can't wait to work with the artistically talented Arpit Mehta on the upcoming horror fantasy sci-fi series, Galilean Expedition; be sure to check out Donovan Scherer's Studio Moonfall bookstore where several of my titles are featured; and I happily launched the Lucy's Lantern Literature publishing imprint with my first client (and my sister) Kim Rogne and her full series of business and mindset journals! Seeking a publisher? I have some free (ahem . . . YOU get paid for them instead of paying) publishing opportunities in 2024!

Leading Programs Around The Country -

Those who don't know me as the redhead in green know me as the programming gal . . . where I am still the redhead in green. I was honored to lead panels and programs in Des Moines, the Twin Cities, Phoenix Con, GameHole Con, the very first Dragon Days, and the very last 20BooksVegas. In 2024, that list remains and expands to include at least: the Midwinter Gaming Convention, Level Up 2024, Gary Con, Midwest Gaming Classic, Origins Game Fair, possibly GenCon, and Madison Comic and Pop Culture Expo. As for 20BooksVegas . . . read on!

We Closed 20BooksVegas . . . and I Started Working Writers Week -

20BooksVegas has served for years as the #1 gathering of Independent Authors in the world. It was not just a conference to learn how to write great books, but a business growth opportunity for those of us writing them. It was for #authorpreneurs, if you will. And 2023 was the very last 20BooksVegas.

I was honored to close out the conference with good friends, to celebrate a hero of mine, Craig Martelle, the head of the Vegas show, and to be able to speak with my good friend and colleague Ben Wolf on the topic of successful live author events.

A new company has taken over the space where the show was held and is adding some of their own flair and features which will continue to be an opportunity for authors, but the event as it was known has closed its final chapter.

While sad for a little bit, the reality opened the door for me to finally move forward with something that has been a goal in my business for over a decade . . . running my own working writer's conference!

This is the big 2024 adventure even while so many other titles and experiences await!


We All Shine Brighter Together

A Five-Day Author's Conference to Better:

  •  Build Your Community

  •  Develop Your Craft

  •  Run Your Business

  •  Find Your Audience

  •  Make Your Living


Last but not least, I want to be your go-to resource for craft and business development as an author. That starts with offering you free value. I would love to have you as part of BLOCKBREAKERS, my twice weekly free author's group. In this gathering of creatives, enjoy Monday morning lessons and Wednesday morning writing sprints, plus a group of abundance-minded authorpreneurs. I hope to see you there!

Be gloriously human,


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